About me


After studying Ceramics at Art school I worked as Marianne de Trey’s workshop assistant at Shinners bridge Pottery,then set up my first pottery in West Devon
It is here that I started to write and illustrate my diaries, at first to inform my pottery and then as work in their own right.
My pottery is now situated by the side of Colliford Lake on Bodmin moor in Cornwall
It has been purpose built, from a steel frame ,is timber lined and clad in locally sourced Larch,it’s light, warm and delightful to work in,and in a beautiful environment.
The landscape that surrounds me is full of flora and fauna to find and capture with drawings and words, I try to go out each day and make drawings or notes on nature,this gives me a unique collection of sketchbook / diaries that inform my ceramic work.
In 2007 A&C Black published The Nature Diary of an Artist, a compilation of illustrated diaries that I started in 1994, filled with notes and drawings direct from nature.
I have been lucky to travel to wild places in this country and abroad and in each landscape, urban or wild, I see nature arrive and survive. It’s that incredible spirit of survival that has always inspired my work and fuelled my sense of adventure.